Qualcomm invites software developers to create innovative commercial Android-based games, and social and educational apps that use the AllJoyn SDK from Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. AllJoyn is an open-source application development framework that enables proximity-based device-to-device communication that connects people in real-time. Utilizing AllJoyn in your apps offers a host of exciting new user experiences from multi-player gaming and entertainment, to media sharing, multi-screen experiences, productivity tools and social networking.

This Challenge enables developers of eligible social apps, educational apps and games using AllJoyn to submit entries to a panel of judges. Up to fourteen (14) winning submissions will be selected to share in over $170,000 in cash and prizes and also may be selected for promotion, exposure, and recognition by Qualcomm.

Prizes will be awarded in three categories: Best Game, Best Social App and Best Educational App, with each submission judged based on the overall user experience of the application or game, the quality and uniqueness of the application, the look and feel of the user interface of the application and the innovative use of the AllJoyn technology. Prizes will also be awarded for the Best Overall Apps, Best Multi-screen Experience, and Popular Choice (based on public vote).

In order to participate in this Challenge, developers must use the AllJoyn SDK library (subject to applicable license terms) to integrate AllJoyn peer-to-peer functionality into a new or existing Android-based application.  All applictions must be submitted to a publicly accessible Android application store for commercial distribution before being submitted for consideration in the Challenge. (If your application has been submitted but is not yet approved for distribution by an Android application store you must include an .apk file in your submission.) Submissions must include a demonstration video, text description and all other required fields found on the submission form. 

See the full contest rules for all competition details.

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$171,495 in prizes

Best Overall App - Grand Prize

Best Overall App - Second Prize

Best Overall App - Third Prize

Best Multi-screen Experience

Best Gaming App

Best Social App

Best Educational App

Popular Choice Award - First Prize

Popular Choice Award - Second Prize

Large Organization Recognition Award

Awarded to competing organizations of 50+ employees

Best Overall App - Honorable Mention (5)

SnapDragon™ S4 Pro APQ8064-based Mobile Development Platform/Tablet (valued at $1,299 each)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  1. Create an account on http://alljoynappchallenge.com/users/register or log in with an existing ChallengePost account.
  2. On AllJoynAppChallenge.com, click Accept this challenge to register your interest in participating. This step ensures that you will receive important challenge updates.
  3. Create a working software application for Android that integrates the AllJoyn SDK. Click here to download the SDK.
  4. Submit your application to a publicly accessible Android application store for commercial distribution. (If your application has been submitted but is not yet approved for distribution by an Android application store you must include an .apk file in your submission.) Please note that your submitted application must be free of charge until the judging period is completed. For more information see the Official Rules. 
  5. Prepare a video demonstrating how your application works on an Android mobile device or an emulator.  Your video is a critical element of your submission.  It will be used for public voting, and an internal review board may evaluate your video submission using the criteria described above to select applications for final judging. This means that the judges are only required to use your application if it is selected for final judging. It is important that your video clearly and concisely show the functionality and purpose of your application. You may create a screencast or use a handheld video camera to make your video, or choose any other method that captures the application’s value and user interface. Your video is not required to have audio, but narration will help the judges understand and appreciate your application
  6. Write a text description of the idea behind your application (which is executed in the video and application itself), and take at least one photograph of the user interface to supplement your video. Please see the Judging Criteria and Official Rules for further details.
  7. Confirm that you have read and agree to the Official Rules, complete all required submission form fields, and submit the demonstration video, text description, photograph(s) and a link to your application on a live, publicly accessible Android application store (or, if you have submitted your application to an Android application store, but they have not approved it for distribution, provide an .apk file for the application or a link to where an .apk file can be downloaded at no charge). The file should be added to the “Upload a File” field in the submission form.

Want to make sure that your submission showcases your hard work?

Below are some tips for highlighting your application’s features.

  • Consider adding a one-sentence description of the purpose of the application to your description (i.e. Why do people need this application?).
  • Make sure your video includes a step-by-step demo of your application’s key functionalities.
  • Consider audio narration or text bubbles in your video. 


Liat Ben-Zur

Liat Ben-Zur
Senior Director Business Development - Qualcomm

Taylor Wimberly

Taylor Wimberly
Founder - AndroidAndMe.com

Nicole Scott

Nicole Scott
Co-Founder - Mobile Geeks

Omar Javaid

Omar Javaid
Managing Director & SVP - BBO Global

Stormy Beach

Stormy Beach
Senior Editor for AndroidSPIN.com

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of the Application
    Includes creativity and originality
  • Implementation of the Application
    Includes how well the idea – described in the “Description” area of the submission - was executed by the developer and how well AllJoyn technology was integrated
  • Overall User Experience
    Includes design, graphics, typography, and visual aesthetic
  • Quality of Multi-screen Experience (for Multi-screen submissions only)
    Includes shared experience between television & tablet, television & smartphone, desktop PC & tablet, or desktop PC & smartphone devices whereby the application(s) work together across the devices to create an experience that is reliant on both screens

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